Our team

The team is based at our Amsterdam office and is composed of individuals with a variety of backgrounds and expertise from the energy sector and other industries.

Several team members have been with Statkraft for many years and have a deep knowledge of the energy industry. Others bring with them financial experience from the European renewable energy sector; experience from Dutch licensing and spatial planning regulations and finally, the engineering and other expertise needed to oversee the construction of solar parks.

Niels van der Linden

Niels van der Linden, Head of Solar
Niels has worked for twelve years at Statkraft’s Amsterdam office in a variety of roles ranging from trading of green certificates to more general business development activities. He has over five years of experience in solar park development and realisation in various European markets.

Manuel Rodriguez Diaz, Head of Project Development
Manuel has more than ten years of experience in the renewable energy industry, having developed over 200 MW of solar PV, wind and battery storage projects. He has experience in project development in several jurisdictions, including Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and the US. He joined Statkraft in November 2018 to help expand the company’s development pipeline across the Netherlands.


Tony Ellis

Tony Ellis, Business Developer Solar
Tony is based at Statkraft’s headquarters in Oslo. With his 24 years of experience at Statkraft, he has focused on bringing Statkraft’s strengths and experience to ensure high standards in terms of project delivery. This includes a range of activities from identifying new potential projects to facilitating corporate investment decisions; clear procurement processes; correct application of health, safety and environment procedures and other necessary processes for delivering safe and sound solar projects.

Willemien van den Hoogen-Bakker

Willemien van den Hoogen, Project Developer Solar
Willemien has been with Statkraft for 17 years, mainly dealing with green power supply across Europe. She has been a prime mover in building up the network of partners together with whom Statkraft develops solar projects. She is one of the first points of contact for anyone that wishes to have a solar park built on their land. Privately, Willemien is highly engaged in solar photovoltaics (PV), too. She both owns her own solar PV system at home, and is also an active member of the energy cooperative Zuiderlicht in Amsterdam.

Floor Pennink-de Bloqc van Kuffeler

Floor Pennink-de Blocq van Kuffeler, Project Developer Solar
Floor contributes to the team with her long-standing engineering and project management expertise. She is a first point of contact for anyone wishing to have a solar park built on their land.

Arjan Karreman

Arjan Karreman, Project Developer Solar
Arjan contributes to the team with his experience on site screening and selection. He is a first point of contact for anyone wishing to have a solar park built on their land.

Pieter Braakenburg

Pieter Braakenburg, Manager Finance
Pieter is responsible for the financial structuring of solar projects, as well as ensuring a solid business case for each of the projects. Pieter has over ten years of financial experience at one of the largest banks in the Netherlands amongst others in the wind and solar industry. In addition, Pieter is an active member of the energy cooperative Blijstroom in Rotterdam.

Leonardo Moura, Technical Project Developer
Leonardo is responsible for all technical and grid related matters during the development of a solar project. He has experience from multiple solar and wind markets globally.