Our projects

  • Solar park Wenumseveld

    The Municipality of Apeldoorn aims to become energy neutral at some point. This means that as much renewable energy is generated on an annual basis as is used. One of the pillars for achieving this objective is large-scale sustainable energy generation, which will partly be done by utility scale solar.

  • Solar park Lange Runde

    Statkraft has realised the largest ground-mounted solar park built in the Netherlands in 2017 on land owned by the municipality of Emmen. The site for the 14.2 MW ground-based solar parks is part of an area that was originally designated for greenhouses.

Additional projects

  • Statkraft started development of additional projects from scratch at multiple locations across the Netherlands. At the moment these projects are being further developed in order to prepare them for construction in the upcoming years.
  • Statkraft is currently speaking to land owners, municipalities and provinces to arrange for the rights related to leasing the land and obtaining the required permits. Once Statkraft received these rights and permits, the company can apply for the SDE+ subsidy scheme run in bi-annual auctions by RVO (The Netherlands Enterprise Agency).
  • If successful in the auction, then Statkraft takes the necessary steps to facilitate the investment and carry out the construction of the solar park.