For authorities

Energy is an essential component underlying the economy and providing the comfort that is part of the high Dutch living standard. The Dutch government needs to meet its renewable targets set by the EU and is currently lagging behind. It has therefore introduced a subsidy scheme (SDE+) to stimulate a variety of renewable technologies.

Each province and municipality has, or is working on, sustainability goals and plans on how to achieve them to help in the Dutch energy transition. Such sustainability goals can be reached by a variety of means and technologies that include saving energy and moving away from using fossil fuels. Statkraft can provide valuable insights in how municipal and provincial plans and regulations can be adapted to help reach ambitious goals.

Solar parks provide a relatively simple means to a municipality or province to achieve its sustainability targets and accelerate the energy transition. The parks increase the locally generated supply of power from renewable sources and can contribute to reduce grid congestion in areas of high electricity demand.

Reliable commercial actors like Statkraft help to develop, finance and construct solar parks at optimal locations that fit into each municipality's or province’s overall spatial planning and contribute to covering future energy needs.

Benefits of a Statkraft solar park

  • Increases the supply of locally generated renewable power at no direct cost to the local authorities
  • Reduces CO2 emissions
  • Can help in reducing grid congestion and thereby saving the need to invest more money in regional grid upgrades
  • Facilitates the use of renewable power locally through a park supported by the Dutch SDE+ subsidy scheme: Fees collected from local residents through the energy bill like the “Opslag Duurzame Energie” (ODE) are spent in their own area
  • Creates additional income for local landowners, and through Statkraft’s specially organised participation or community benefits schemes gives direct value to local residents
  • Positive effects on local economy
  • Facilitates local residents' awareness and support for the needs of an energy transition, thereby allowing municipalities to introduce more schemes in their long-term planning to reach ambitious renewable energy goals
  • Statkraft ensures proper landscaping design suited to fit the specific location in order to preserve, protect or enhance the environment and local heritage.

A solar park for citizens

Statkraft offers the possibility for local residents to benefit from the realisation of a solar park. We have done an extensive analysis of many possible participation models and community benefits schemes and have developed suitable solutions for how to involve local residents in a project, both from process participation as well as from a financial participation point of view.

Statkraft involves residents from the surrounding area of the respective building site in the planning process from the start and maintains a continuous dialogue during development and realisation. This is done by inviting residents to planning meetings; issuing information letters or flyers; involving local schools and having an open communication channel whereby residents can take direct contact with our solar team.