Global certificates

Your company wants to actively contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions or you want to purchase energy directly from renewable energy sources?

Our Global Environmental Markets team - based in the Netherlands - has been established to help you with just that. With our tailor-made solutions you can achieve climate goals by at the same time optimising your portfolio: Statkraft is a world leading trader of renewable certificates, amongst others:

  • Guarantee of Origin (GoO)
  • European Union Allowance (EUA)
  • European Aviation Allowance (EUAA)
  • International Renewable Energy Certificate (I-REC)
  • Certified Emission Reduction (CER)
  • Voluntary Emission Reduction (VER)
  • Renewable Obligation Certificate (ROC)
  • Regional Greenhouse Allowance (RGA)
  • California Carbon Allowance (CCA)
  • California Carbon Offset (CCO)
  • White certificates
  • Elcerts

Together we can find the right type of certificate for your sustainability goals.