For businesses

Statkraft’s thorough understanding of the energy markets enables large energy consumers and prosumers to efficiently manage their position.

We help you offset your CO2 emissions and become more sustainable, while keeping an eye out for your business and your budget at the same time.

Whether you are looking to source your power needs in a simple way, you want to balance certain price and weather risks, or you want to fully utilise potential flexibility, Statkraft provides tailored solutions to all sorts of businesses.

Once your business has decided to become more sustainable, there are various ways to achieve that goal. Each of them has a different impact on the way your energy is generated and has different consequences for your business.

  1. Offset emissions and source renewable power.
    Offset your emissions and sources renewable electricity by purchasing certificates to match your power consumption on an annual basis.
  2. Source renewable power from a specific (local) project.
    Offset your emissions and purchase certificates on an annual basis from a specific renewable project that meets your geographical and technological criteria.
  3. Enter into a long-term renewable sourcing agreement.
    Enter into a multiple-year agreement to buy certificates from a specific project that meets geographical and technological criteria, preferably when the project is still in the development phase.
  4. Provide long-term certainty to renewable generators.
    Enter into a (multi-year) agreement to buy certificates and (part of) the power. This is typically done before construction starts to help a renewable project secure financing.
  5. Create additional capacity with new greenfield projects.
    Take the initiative to develop and build your own renewable generation facilities from which to source power and certificates. Statkraft has the experience and expertise how to develop, build and operate a renewable energy installation.